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Project II Arch 653 - Broad Museum

ARCH 653: Parametric Modeling of the Broad Museum

Part II.

For this final project, I decided to operate two separate modifications of my building with Dynamo. The first one includes a solar driven parameter modication and the second one consists in using a color pattern on the building facades.

1. Solar driven parameter modification

Starting from my mass model, I select the divided surface families (rhomboid curtain wall surface), the adaptive component locations are located and exported in Excel. I have more than one surface so it is necessary to compile the data in a new Excel file. 

Then I use a program from the class. Basically, point coordinates are extracted from Excel and translated to Revit coordinates. Then, panel surfaces and elements are created.

That code provide the normal from the curtain panel and calculate the dot product with the sun direction. After being remapped, each value is associated with a color.

This is the result. Facades facing the sun are red, those shaded are gr…
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Project II ARCH 655 - Supertrees

ARCH 655: Parametric Modeling on Grasshopper

In this second project, Genetic Algorithm have been applied to extend the previous project. The idea is to create a connecting platform between two of the supertrees.

I started by baking two Supertrees. One is higher and larger than the other, I used the height and radii parameters to modify the external shape of each structure. 

I - Circular Platform

First, I will construct a floating platform around the skin of the supertree. For that, I select the vertical lines from the skin. My goal is to extract some points from the skin to create a ring. divide then flip the matrix to reorganize the structure. Then, I only select the targeted branches of data : the platform will be located between those two collection of points. 

Then, I use a Genetic algorithm to create a circle equidistant from those points. I use for that a Galapagos operator. The return parameters of the galapagos operator are the height Z and radius of circle. I check the curve close…

Project I ARCH 653 - Broad Museum

ARCH 653: Parametric Modeling of the Broad Museum

For my 1st project, I have chosen to parametrically design the Broad Museum by Dillon Scofidio + Renfro. Located in Downtown LA, the building is famous for it's honeycomb veil filtrating natural light into the building. 

The Conceptual Mass Model was created by Void openings. Parameters can be flex such as height, length and width of the solid mass. 

In order to create the Elliptic opening in the building, I used a void between three ellipses along a reference line parametrically defined. The width and height of each ellipse can be modified as well as the position of the ellipse center. 
Moreover, the position of the points along the reference line can me monitored by changing Normalized curve parameters. 

I created a curtain panel model with an inclined opening. It should give the building a porous aspect. The architectural idea was to guide sun rays inside the building without damaging art pieces with direct sunlight. It is based on a…

Project I ARCH 655 - Supertrees

ARCH 655: Parametric Modeling on Grasshopper

Supertrees are part of Singapore's botanic garden. Measuring between 25 and 50 metres tall, these iconic tree-like vertical gardens are designed with large canopies that provide shade in the day and come alive with an exhilarating display of light and sound at night.

They are composed of an inner structure and a canopy skin. Both have been modeled only using Grasshopper.

The construction process developed for the canopy skin is more complex so we will mainly focus on this one. The canopy is composed of L-systems generated at the end of lines. Branches are made using the Grasshopper plug-in Rabbit, they are then curbed following a catenary curve.

I - Canopy development.

The tower basis is shaped by creating two circles, dividing them and exploding the data trees. We can then draw lines between. The number of lines is a problem parameter.

I complexify the basis by selecting points at mid-height, shifting them parametrically and drawing lines.